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Richard B. Baldwin, PDDGM

14 June 1988

Memorial Resolution on Doug Smith

Lloyd U. Jefferson, Stewart Wilson Miner, & Werner Herman Morlock

29 March 1986

Alfred Douglas Smith

Allen E. Roberts, PDDGM

29 January 1983

Ho, Companions!

Stewart Wilson Miner, PGM

30 July 1983

Masonry Within the Beltway

Stewart Wilson Miner, PGM

31 March 1984

The First Tool Engineer

George L. Miller, PDDGM

30 June 1984

Freemasonry and the Leaders of Victorian England

George B. Yeates, P.G.C.

29 September 1984

The Two Fold Nature of Freemasonry

Kenneth H. Hooley

15 December 1984

Masonic Ritual in Virginia

Samuel T. Atkinson, PDDGM

30 March 1985

The Masonic Rods and Staffs

C. Richard Walk, PM

29 June 1985

A Declaration for Masonic Action

Kenneth H. Hooley

30 November 1985

The Mason Word

Richard B. Baldwin, PDDGM

29 March 1986

Gen. (Bro) Joshua Chamberlain

Charles W. Plummer

30 May 1986

The Perfect Cubit

Lloyd U. Jefferson, P.G.M.

30 August 1986

Methods of Historical Research

Joseph S. Gordon, Ph.D.

29 November 1986

Masonry and the Constitution

Stewart Wilson Miner, PGM

29 August 1987

The Masonic Witch Hunt of the 1980's

Thomas E. Weir, PM

31 October 1987

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